I was thinking about this scene and I felt like I needed to say something about it. This is definitely something that Umbridge does in the book/movie that IS evil. She makes Harry write with this pen that pierces his skin when he writes “I must not tell lies”. What a b*@#*!  This is the problem that I have with detention. At some schools they would make you sit at detention doing nothing… why?? Why not make kids do math problems or something? lol or read a damn book!

Another problem I had with Umbridge in general. It was always her way or no way at all. I had a couple of teachers in middle and high school that were like that. They were always right and no little kid was ever gonna be right. If a teacher ever hurt your feelings and never apologized, you know what i’m talking about. When I was in high school I had an encounter with a music teacher that was sssuuch a meanie! She was always saying racist things and staring me down because I never agreed with her racist little comments. One day I broke down and started crying because if eyes could kill, lets just say I was already dead five times over. When my mom picked me she saw that I was crying…. and it was that ugly kind of cry to top it off :/ She went to the superintendent the next day! Ah! To summarize… that teacher never apologized to me for making me feel like a scumbag and for her racial slurs. She was so full of herself… that she always talked about how many degrees she had and blah blah blah. Ok people, it doesn’t matter in what position you find yourself in, how much money you have,  or how educated you are… you don’t get to treat other people like shit! You show that you are educated through your actions not your words.

Umbridge is just like one of the teachers that students might encounter everyday. She’s not the exception at all. Teaching is not her “true calling”.  Also, it doesn’t matter if your a college professor or if you teach younger students… everybody deserves to be treated with respect.

Fun Stuff

So I have to be honest with myself… I think this is the first class that I’ve taken where I feel like I earned my bad grades. Lol. At some point during the semester I wished that RHE were a class with 300 people like my other classes (where I don’t have to interact with the teacher and they have no idea who failed their tests- although I’ve never failed a test). I have failed one of the papers we turned in for this class… simply because I forgot to quote a phrase in my paper… so i was plagiarizing. Foley scared the crap out me! lol. She said if i ever did that again she would do whatever she could to fail me in that class. Whoa! Talk about a scary comment! I think as a student I underestimated what plagiarizing could do to your grades and reputation. 


In high school I know for sure that my classmates were taking sentences from the Internet and putting them in their papers. Idk how the teachers put up with that! I know if I were an English teacher plagiarizing would piss me off. I could never even be an English teacher.. It looks hard. I can’t even teach myself how to write! lol. 


To Cortney:

omg! i had been thinking about that last bit you mentioned about distorting the picture and credibility… I totally agree with you. We are supposed to be promoting truthfulness especially to this audience that doesn’t agree with us. If i was part of that hostile audience i would be pissed if i saw this photoshopped image in the argument. I mean, i would already be reluctant to reading the argument in the first place… 

So i wrote a blog and decided i would finish it later. I cut if from tumblr and forgot to paste somewhere else so i lost it!

So to be brutally honest (with myself as well) I kinda regret taking this course now. Not because it was hard for me or because of Foley. Just because i hate writing in general. I took this class because its a prerequisite for Texas Tech College of Pharmacy and i’m not even applying to that school anymore. ugh! I don’t know why I hate writing but maybe its because theres no “formula” for it. I can pass calculus and organic chemistry with an A but in rhetoric i have to push myself hard to just pass. Some of my grades may not show it, but i tried really hard in this class and it took a lot of my time from classes that i actually wanted to concentrate on.  (haha). So maybe thats the problem, that I was thinking about doing other things while trying to write papers.  

Thanks Foley for allowing us to blog even after classes have stopped. 

I will finish these!

I have my biochem final tomorrow :/ right now i’m taking a break to blog. 

So I was thinking about the day we talked about Hitler in class and I have to say I’ve never felt so awkward in a college-classroom setting as I did that day. Rebecca was so adamant on not talking about the speech and Foley kept saying how awesome the speech was (because of the rhetoric)… Hmm. At one point I actually thought Rebecca was going to stand up and leave… that would have been dramatic but if you don’t want to talk about how awesome Hitler’s (and his accomplices) rhetoric is then you shouldn’t have to.. in fact you shouldn’t even have to sit there and listen to others talk about. So I give Rebecca props for not standing up and leaving. 

I mean, what if somebody is Jewish and it hurts them to hear Hitler’s speech being referred to as “awesome”? Its not awesome. His rhetoric was evil. Rhetoric can be a bad thing too. So what’s the moral of the story? Rhetoric should be used responsibly. 


I hate talking about things just for the sake of having 10 blogs. But i have to :D 

So i watched the HP movie with my sisters (i forced them) and i have to say that i laughed pretty much the whole time. I felt like Dobby’s character changed a bit from what i remember from the book. Sure he’s a free elf, but i never imagined him as outspoken as he was in the movie. Maybe its just been a while since i’ve read the book… plus the book and movie don’t ever match up exactly. 

The most awkward moment in the movie was when Ron envisions Harry and Hermione making out (and more) right before he destroys the horcrux. At first I didn’t think it was necessary for Harry and Hermione to be naked and touching up on each other but after the movie i realized it probably was necessary because that was Ron’s deepest fear. Ron has always been in Harry’s shadow and it actually scared him that Hermione would love Harry instead of him. The scene really captured this. 

Also, after seeing Daniel Radcliffe in Equus in NYC i see him differently. He is no longer just Harry Potter to me. I mean c’mon I witnessed him running around naked in this play! So weird, i know. To top it off i saw this play by myself because my family wasn’t particularly interested in seeing Daniel Radcliffe naked. so i had nobody to talk about the play with :( its ok, at least i got the opportunity to see it! 

Newspaper assignment and stuff…

Instead of spending two days on photoshop we should have been looking into what newspaper style is and how to mimic it. Just saying. Maybe I don’t read the newspaper that often but when i do its not trying to persuade me (except the opinion section) of anything… it’s there to inform. I guess i’m just having trouble with the idea of a newspaper piece that is rhetorical but still newspaper material. Should we be aiming for something that looks like an article in the opinion section? Or should we not include our own opinion but instead include other opinions? Does that question even make sense? lol.

Anyway, good luck with finals everyone :D 

It’s insignificant but…

My new favorite word: Navel-gazing. Thanks Foley. 

Thanks for the feedback!

 I still haven’t figured out how to reply to posts. Either way, thanks for the feedback… I have to think about this harder! Politics are part of everything… 


My only question is: Why to a hostile audience? Yes, I know its important to address a hostile audience because they don’t already agree with you… But do we usually read magazine and newspaper articles that are written to a hostile audience? Ok yea maybe sometimes… I feel like i’m being limited to either talking about Harry Potter and politics, religion, or homosexuality. I’d really rather write about Harry Potter and the education system… But who could be considered hostile in the education system? Help.


During registration I talked somebody out of taking Rhetoric of Harry Potter next semester. I wasn’t mean about it but i did tell her that it would be a challenge especially after having a not-so-hard time in RHE 306. I think that most people go into this class thinking that all we do is talk about and read Harry Potter. To be honest I don’t think RHE 306 prepared me at all for this class and I now think it was a waste of a semester writing about things i don’t really care for. On the other hand, i do like that Foley lets us write about things that we care about as they are related to Harry Potter. I think that its good that we are being pushed to be the best writer possible! 

Foley, what I suggest for next semester is that you are a little bit more positive with your comments. I think that even if you receive a shit paper there must still be something that the person did that you liked. Hopefully.